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Arranging event security and management is a complex and critical undertaking that requires careful planning. From preparing for the event to ensuring everything proceeds smoothly and safely, you need an event security partner with the expertise necessary to take care of everything.


Select the event security experts

Your event is only a success if it starts and concludes safely and efficiently. We plan and manage every detail from checking staff licences to vacating premises within strict timescales.

So, you can relax knowing we're protecting your corporate responsibility and reputation too.


Providing more than event security

From complying with regulations to managing stakeholders, there are many potential risks to your reputation. Our services go further than providing a protective presence on the day.

At Crescent Security Services, we deliver a complete event management solution.


Whether your event is a one-off or a regular fixture, we will provide all the personnel, equipment, consultancy, and support you’ll need, including:



Acting as the project manager, we will coordinate all stakeholders, from venue owners to ticket suppliers, leaving you free to focus on other tasks. Employing the services of one provider can also make pricing transparent and help reduce your costs.


Whatever the event, wherever your location, Crescent Security Services has the resources and expertise required to ensure your occasion is a success. To find out more, contact us today.

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